Importance Of Router

Router, one of the most important and one of the most common terms in the world of the computer. Router, responsible for providing better internet connectivity to the users. Mainly routers are divided into two- wireless router and router with wires.
There are various brands associated with routers like TP-link router, Buffalo router, Cisco router and many more. All these routers vary in size, brands, features, and price too.
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This article describes the step by step procedure for connecting two routers-

Connection via Ethernet

• While connecting two routers with each other, a user should first determine the base router. The base router is the router to which Modem is connected. Always prefer the new router as the base router.
• The router, other than the base router is the secondary router, responsible for extending the original network. Secondary router is also responsible for controlling the secondary network.
• While connecting the router with the Ethernet, place both the router near to the computer, should be easily accessed by the computer.
LAN-LAN/LAN-WAN Network- LAN-LAN network is responsible for extending the original network, and also responsible for connecting number of devices. LAN-WAN network is responsible for creating a secondary network in the main network.
• After deciding the type of connection whether LAN-LAN or LAN-WAN, connect the base router to the modem and then with the help of the Ethernet, connect it to the computer.
• A user can configure the base router in the normal manner, entering the IP address of the router in the search bar of the browser.
• After configuring the first router, configure the secondary router. Change the IP address of the secondary router according to the base router. Asus Customer Support
• Depending upon the type of connection you are trying to make, configure the DHCP server of the secondary network.

Wireless networks-

• If the routers used for the connection are wireless, change the channel of the routers so that they should not interface with each other. Try to set the primary router in between the channels 1 to 6 and secondary router to channel 11.
• As the routers are wireless, place the router according to your choice. The connection between the two router is made through Ethernet cable, place both the routers as close as possible.
• While connecting the routers with the Ethernet cable , connect on end of the Ethernet cable to the LAN port of the base router, according to the type of the connection, connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to LAN or WAN port of the secondary router.
• After following the above-given points, hope you have connected the routers successfully. And you can visit us more routers just like Linksys Router Customer Service

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